Our Menu


Grilled Steak - Marinated seasoned grilled steak
Ground Beef - Seasoned ground beef
Grilled Chicken - Seasoned grilled chicken
Chicken Mole (Mo-lay) - Seasoned grilled chicken simmered in mole gravy sauce
Spicy Pork - Our famous spicy diced pork
Meatless - Grilled fajita veggies, black beans, pinto beans, Spanish rice

6 inch hard or soft flour tortilla with your choice of filling Topped with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and taco relish. Served with side of beans or rice.

Grilled Steak $4.95 Meatless $3.95
Ground Beef $4.95 BBQ Chicken Cesar $4.50
Grilled Chicken $4.50 (BBQ chicken, ceasar salad and cheese)
Chicken Mole $4.50 Taco Plate add $1.50
Spicy Pork $4.95 (includes both bean & rice)

Grandma Lupe’s famous sweet crispy flour shells topped with your choice of filling, blended cheeses, sliced jalapeño and then baked to perfection. All include sour cream or guacamole.

Plate of 4 $7.25
Plate of 6 $9.95
Plate of 8 $12.55
  $.35 each to add steak

6 inch flour tortilla filled with your choice of filling then rolled and topped with enchilada sauce and baked with blended cheeses to a golden brown. Served with choice of beans or rice.

Grilled Steak $7.25 Cheese & Onion $5.95
Ground Beef $7.25 Meatless $5.95
Grilled Chicken $6.95 Enchilada Plate add $1.50
Chicken Mole $6.95 Your choice of Enchilada with a side of both beans & rice
Spicy Pork $7.25    

Our 12 inch flour tortilla filled and rolled with your choice of filling along with guacamole, pico de gallo, cheese & your choice of beans and rice.

Grilled Steak $7.95 Chicken Caesar Burrito $7.50
Grilled Chicken $7.25 (Caesar Salad, BBQ Chicken & Grilled Veggies)
Chicken Mole $7.25 Enchilada Style add $1.90
Spicy Pork $7.95 Burrito smothered with enchilada sauce & cheese baked on top.
Ground Beef $7.95 Burrito Plate add $1.50
Meatless $6.25 Choice of burrito along with both beans & rice


Fountain Drinks - Medium and Large
Assorted bottled soda
Jarritos - Assorted Flavors


Grilled Steak $6.75 $11.75
Ground Beef $5.60 $10.25
Grilled Chicken $6.25 $10.75
Chicken Mole $5.60 $10.25
Spicy Pork $5.60 $10.25
Refried Beans $1.60 $4.60
Rice $2.95 $4.60
Spanish Rice $1.60